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I'm a singer, currently stuyding music and philosophy in Cologne, Germany. This is where I met Alessandro, who soon became the producer of our music.  The two of us are now working on our first album/ EP together, which is very exciting! 

Apart from singing, I have always loved expressing myself through writing and I'm quite particular about my choice of words.  As a little girl I attempted to write my own novel a couple of times, but I soon had to realize that I wasn't actually creative or patient enough to think of an ending for my stories. Thankfully though, I later discovered songwriting!


Songwriting helps me vocalize and process my emotions. It's also a great way to revive, relive and immortalize memories by creating musical representations of what they felt like. I generally draw a lot of inspiration from personal experiences when I write lyrics, although it's interesting to venture out and find inspiration outside of that, too. 

Musically, I gravitate towards a mix of acoustic and electronic elements, atmospheric, dark sounds and emotive, introspective lyrics. Some of my musical influences include artists like Lorde and Billie Eilish.

In case you are interested in some biographical facts about me, I was born in 98', I'm 50 % greek  and 50 % german, I grew up in Greece and my name means 'cloud' in Ancient Greek... Hence 'Nefeli On Clouds'. 




My name is Alessandro Giovanetto and I am an Italian film composer and guitarist. 

In 2022, graduated from the Royal College of Music in London with a Master's degree in Composition for Screen.

I started my musical journey from a young age as a classical guitarist. After graduating highschool I decided to move to London to study Contemporary Music Performance in Guitar at the ICMP.


As a guitarist, I specialize in creating spacial landscapes and ambient sounds using a post-rock/ambient modern approach through the use of gear.

After receiving my Bachelor's degree, I moved to Athens, Greece, to work for the Greek artist Theodore as a guitarist. 

During my time as a member of Theodore's band I had the opportunity to be part of  video-recordings, live gigs around Europe and North America and studio work.

At the end of June, 2018, I got into the studio with my band, the Collective Remembrance, to record the first EP/album. 

After life changing meetings with Audrey Riley and composer Maurizio Malagnini, I started my journey to become a composer for media, spending hours working on composition and production skills.

These production skills also come in handy for our joint project with Nefeli. Apart from producing and playing the guitar, Nefeli and I are also collaboratively working on the composition and the songwriting process of our music.

Stay tuned to hear more from us!


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